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A Hoarder's Quilted Collection was conceived under the idea of never buying a single yard of new fabric. Materials were gathered from my small fabric stock, from friends', and the student fabric room at Pratt Institute. The project was first started my third year in undergrad, and was reimagined in late 2017. 

An exploration in shape, form, and texture, the collection pushes toward impracticality. Exaggerated silhouettes and hidden features create an almost unsettling feel to the garments, while the playful mix of colors and prints keep it youthful. The intent was the personification of a haunted rag doll -- creating something beautiful out of something ragged. 


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Not so surprisingly, many of my gathered fabrics were already within the range of my deep color story. Those that weren't received at least one Rit dye bath to deepen their tones. The idea behind the color story was to create different effects through combining the colors and patterns of scraps in a murky form of pointillism. 

As I started developing my initial ideas for this collection, my concepts escalated out of my regulation of materials. The most logical and sustainable way to salvage fabric is through patchwork and quilting techniques. By taking scraps of different patterns and colors, I quilted and appliquéd my fabrics into richly textured pieces. Though some may see my material challenge as a limitation, the boundaries have actually further enriched my design process.