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Darnworthy is a social enterprise intending to curb fast fashion and challenge excess consumerism in America. We refashion and mend existing garments, soft goods and materials to prevent unnecessary waste from entering our landfills. 


-To alter the consumer mindset to a more conscious and creative way of living





How it works:

Book an appointment for a consultation!


What can be fitted?

Second hand clothing and any garment from your existing closet. Soft goods like pillows and blankets can also be brought in for mending. Bring that sweater you don't wear anymore because of the hole in the sleeve; bring that jacket that no longer fits you; bring those jeans that went out of style and that shirt you outgrew. 


Ellie will be working out of: Remade in Brooklyn


663A Driggs Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211










How much does it cost?

-Consultations are free!

-I charge by the estimated amount of time needed to mend/alter each garment. Ideally the stitching service will cost less than       a new garment of the same nature. 

-Cost is negotiable within my guidelines:


-Prices range from federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr ---> Union Stitching Rate 

How much is it worth?

I am a textile artist, upcyclist, and professional stitcher based in Brooklyn, NY.  I have been altering my own clothing for 13 years and directly see the positive impact it has on my life. I am a strong believer in using preexisting materials and creating minimal (to zero!) waste in my designs.

The fashion lifestyle I have chosen is based on these principles:

-Shop secondhand

-Create from what's already produced

-Stretch the lifespan of my garments through care and creativity

Not only is fast fashion wasteful and harmful to the environment, low pricing on consumer goods is creating unethical conditions for garment workers abroad. Through my work I hope to raise awareness of ethical fashion, promote secondhand goods, and show there are better minimalist choices over supporting the waste of fast fashion.

About Founder / Designer 

Ellie Lindholm

Mending, Repair, Sewing, Clothing Customization

663A Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211

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