Darnworthy is a social enterprise intending to curb fast fashion and challenge excess consumerism in America. We refashion and mend existing garments, soft goods and materials to prevent unnecessary waste from entering our landfills. 


-To alter the consumer mindset to a more conscious and creative way of living

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About the Artist

Ellie Lindholm

Ellie is a textile artist and professional stitcher based in Brooklyn, NY. She learned to sew from a young age and spent her adolescence refashioning thrifted garments and designing dresses.


She moved to New York City in 2010 to attend Pratt Institute's fashion design program. Ellie showed strong aptitude for construction and design. However, through her studies she discovered the unethical and unsustainable conditions the fashion industry condones. Taking a small break from fashion, Ellie has been working with costumes on Broadway for the past 5 years. 


Now Ellie has stepped back into the fashion industry with a mission to reform it. A strong advocate for second hand goods, she shops almost exclusively in thrift shops and redesigns her finds into one of a kind pieces. It's Ellie's mission to get as many people as possible to start shopping second hand and to use what they have to spruce up their own wardrobes. After all, the most sustainable garments are already hanging in our closets. 

In February of 2019, Ellie grew a symbiotic relationship with the organization Remade in Brooklyn. Run by social activist Linnae Hamilton, the nonprofit is a cooperative of sustainable thinkers, designers, menders, and upcyclists determined to make an impact in the rise of sustainability.


Want to learn how to mend and/or use a sewing machine? Come to Mend it Monday at Remade in Brooklyn

- a free workshop hosted by Ellie Lindholm and Linnae Hamilton from 4:00 to 8:00pm every Monday

Mend it Mondays are currently on hold due to the Covid-19 Pandemic 


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What can be Mended or Fitted?

Second hand clothing and any garment from your existing closet. Soft goods like pillows and blankets can also be brought in for mending. Bring that sweater you don't wear anymore because of the hole in the sleeve; bring that jacket that no longer fits you; bring those jeans that went out of style and that shirt you've outgrown. 

[Leather and Suede goods can be brought in for consultation, but are not guaranteed acceptance.]



Remade in Brooklyn
663A Driggs Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211

How much does it cost?

Consultations are free!

Prices are estimated by the amount of time needed to mend/alter each garment. Ideally the stitching service will cost less than a new garment of the same nature. Please contact for a quote

How long will my repair / alteration take?

Projects can be finished by an agreed upon deadline. Time is dependent upon the care and scope of the stitching required as well as Ellie's personal workload and schedule.

Do you teach workshops?

Yes! Feel free to contact Ellie Lindholm to collaborate on workshop ideas

Mending, Repair, Sewing, Clothing Customization

663A Driggs Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211

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