A Work in Progress, an experiment in Tires and Wire was created as my senior thesis at Pratt Institute. I never felt as if I've had closure on the idea and wish to return to it. The collection was started with the desire to create with something unusual. At first I started with only wire and found objects; When it was clear I needed a more substantial material, I added the inner tire tubes donated from an auto shop in my home town. (Growing up in Minnesota, we used the tubes for sledding in the winter, and as flotation devices in the summer!) Turns out, the tubes are perfect for upcycling! Often they came to me with only a small hole in the tube. Since the rubber is seamlessly formed in a donut shape, I could create different pattern dimensions depending upon which directions I cut up the tire. There is so much more room for exploration here!

Going forward with Practical Application:

The rubber tubing sews beautifully and could be used as a substitute for leather. I intend to explore making wallets, bags, accessories, jackets, patches, and fetishwear.

Mending, Repair, Sewing, Clothing Customization

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